Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Gun Violence' Advocates Should Listen & Heed

Samuel L. Jackson PSA


It's not the NRA, firearm manufacturers, owners or advocates who are responsible for 'gun violence'. It's the criminals. To claim otherwise is to enable them by acting as apologists for their activities.

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Robert Fowler said...

Hell yeah.

J.R. said...

It seems like he's talking at a gang member that just murdered a rival gang member?

Who commissioned this PSA? Reeks of Joan Peterson's epic fail bald-faced lie, claiming there can be no crime without guns. Plenty of murders have been committed without them.

Wolfman said...

Angry Samuel L Jackson being ironic... whoa. Not really sure irony is all that well received, but its a start. I'd much prefer a 'put down the gang' or 'put down the crime' message, but it can certainly help move the debate towards personal responsibility for your actions, rather than sacrificing the deodands.

alcade said...

Nevertheless, I haven't had much respect for this dipshit since he said the tea party were racists for disagreeing with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Just another racist obumble voter...