Tuesday, November 15, 2011

@CSGV Distorts The Facts (Again) UPDATE

Ladd Everitt posts this inflammatory tweet:

Looking at the article, it says this:
The same sources say Bisbee obtained a concealed weapons permit from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.
But wait a minute, Sacramento County is was a NO ISSUE county under the discriminatory laws of CA up until the last year or so, so how did the shooter get one?

Oh, he was a STATE LICENSED security guard. IOW, a state approved and trained 'Only One'.

But never let the facts get in the way of some good fear mongering, right Ladd?

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Blake Sobiloff said...

The map at CA Concealed Carry is out of date; Sacramento county has been shall issue for a good portion of this year thanks to the efforts of CalGuns. As usual, the media's story doesn't make the permitting process clear. A guard card can enable a person to get a firearm permit, which allows a guard to openly carry a loaded handgun while on duty, but provides no permission to carry concealed. Conversely, a CCL permits a person to carry a loaded handgun in a concealed fashion, but not openly, at any time.

Dylan! said...

Sacramento County has issued for self defense for over a year now. They're virtual shall issue.

Robert Fowler said...

I see the PEG heads have it on their facebook page too.

Smokey Behr said...

Blake: You're almost right. There's a provision in the law to get an Open Carry License in counties with a population of less than 250,000, but why bother when a CCW license is just as easy to get.

Still, the GFWs and their enablers in the media got it all wrong. To them a gun license is a gun license, no matter whether it's issued by BSIS or one of the ~50 County Sheriffs that aren't afraid of law-abiding citizens defending themselves.