Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chicago Tribune Bias UPDATE

Man successfully defends his property from a robbery using a .22 rifle. This is how the Trib describes it:
A man trying to steal a radiator from a South Chicago home was ambushed by a resident with a .22 caliber rifle early Monday morning, police said.
That poor man. 'Ambushed' by that mean ol' property owner while he was just rummaging through the yard looking for a gallon of milk for his grandma.

You'ld think they had an agenda or something.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments they've edited 'ambushed' to read 'surprised'. Their true feelings have already come out though.

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Kris said...

Lookie, lookie. They changed the word "ambushed" to "surprised" in the latest edit.

Somebody musta been complainin'


Pyrotek85 said...

I would almost bet that they didn't even phrase it like that intentionally, just that it's how they view things in their own world.