Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Whatever

Got into a discussion w/ a friend today regarding my laughing at the OWS protesters having their crap stolen. He still assigns a noble purpose:
I really don't think you can pigeonhole this into a left vs. right, Dem vs. Repub type thing. It's far more bipartisan and frankly less organized into political camps than that. They're upset at Washington in general about the nature of it's cozy bedfellowship with Wall St, and they're quite pissed off at bank bailouts from what I can I don't think you're paying enough attention to what they're really saying.

Again, people are right to be pissed off about what's been going on in the last decade or so, and the mess it's left us with. That's not a D vs. R type case to be made, and I don't think you can really frame it that way.
Were it a universal attack against all those involved in the bailouts, I might agree, but it's not. Whatever they're 'really' saying has been bought out by support from Soros through Moveon and his various other front groups (yeah, I know, he 'denies' it), Union thugs like SEIU and every other whackjob group out there, primarily those that lean 'left'.

The result is this kind of confused stupidity:
As many as 200 people attempted to enter the museum through doors facing the National Mall, said St. Thomas, while others gathered at the museum’s Independence Avenue entrance. The demonstrators carried large signs and other items not allowed inside the museum, she said.
So they shut down the Air & Space Museum. Duh.

Some Democrats (many of the same ones responsible for the bailouts) are attempting to pony up to the protesters and being called out by their corporate donors.

Protesters attack corporations while using products designed and sold by corporations nevermind all that name-brand clothing and just really stupid comments.

So whatever 'real' message may have been its original intent, it's been taken over by other sources of corrupt big money, hypocrites and idiots.

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DirtCrashr said...

But you can pigeonhole it if you look at the behind-the-scenes manipulators and organizers and how it's being used. Anyone who thinks it is un-organized isn't thinking very clearly or with their thinking-cap on.