Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicago v Toronto

A headline by Canadian Gun Control advocates/IANSA:
Canada/US: Gun availability makes Chicago seven times more dangerous than Toronto
And they proclaim it to be due to Canada's gun control registry.

How do they explain that Chicago has more NON-gun murders annually than Toronto has TOTAL making it still 2-4 times more dangerous?

Or that just outside the city limits where LEGAL firearm ownership is common, the crime drops to Toronto/Greater Toronto levels?

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Timmeehh said...

Funny how the gun grabbers never compare Winnipeg to Bismarck ND.
Both are cold prairie cities located only 275 miles apart. Winnipeg has a murder rate double that of Bismarck, yet Winnipeg suffers under draconian gun control.

Dedicated_Dad said...

If you only include the parts of chicago where the demographic matches Toronto, guess what happens to the "disparity"?

Guess how the demographics line up between winnipeg and Bismarck?

What do you suppose would happen if we moved the high-crime "urban" demographic from Chicago to Toronto?

The problem isn't guns, it's not laws - it's not even (as it would appear at first glance) RACE!


That CULTURE is violent and tribal - and will be so no matter where you put it or what laws you pass over it.

NOTHING will "solve" that problem except to change the CULTURE!