Sunday, October 16, 2011

EZELL v. Chicago Amended Complaint

From the ISRA :
This is now a Section 1983 action, next Saturday morning ISRA is
sponsoring a legal symposium at John Marshall Law School in Chicago the subject of which is Section 1983 law suits as they relate to the Second Amendment. 1.5 CLE free credits will be awarded for attendance by practicing attorneys. RSVP is required due to limited space available. Please visit our home page for the link to sign up!
FYI, a 'Section 1983' is a Civil Action for a Deprivation of Rights. With Heller and McDonald recognizing the 2A as an individual right incorporated to the states, this is the direction that lawsuits are going to take when gun control advocates try and play their little 'gotcha' games w/ the laws.

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1 comment:

Don said...

YES! Been biting my tongue about this Section 1983 symposium but I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Things are about to get more interesting in Illinois.