Monday, June 20, 2011

The 'Logic' of Gun Control

Federal Agency (BATFE/DOJ) knowingly allows thousands of firearms to be smuggled into Mexico w/ no real plan to track them. Gun Ban groups' reaction?

Protest Easy Guns
How can you reason w/ a mentality like that? And this isn't just some off the wall individual, this is the voice of the organizations themselves.

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Braden Lynch said...

They are...

Flippin' idiots...


and Ideologues.

Reality and PEG are clearly not on speaking terms.

Chas said...

The gun laws don't go far enough? The gun laws don't "go" at all when they are deliberately not enforced for the sake of generating political propaganda to be used to push for more gun laws.
Gunwalker was a deliberate effort by the Obama administration to manipulate existing law by not enforcing it for political reasons. People have died as a result of that deception. This is only going to heat up and stink worse as time goes by, despite cover from the MSM.
I don't expect a sympathetic cover story in the MSM on the countless widows and orphans of Gunwalker, but it's not going to easy to bury this. It stinks too much.