Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gun Walker Hearings: Facts vs Distractions

As the hearings were going on, gun control advocates squeaked and squalled that Issa kept the hearings on track and didn't let it get turned into a circus of 'We need to pass more laws'. That whole thing was about two sentences out of an entire day of hearings and 150 pages of transcript.

150 pages that include many statements like this:
"Rep Cummings: Special Agent Dodson, again, I'm trying to understand this. If you're following a suspected straw purchase and you start at the gun store and you follow it to a house, why wouldn't you keep following that -- that gun?

DODSON: Sir, that -- that's the one question that I can't answer for you is the why. It made no sense to us either. It's what we were ordered to do. And every time we questioned that order, you know, there was punitive action against those of us that did so."
But remember, all of this testimony, emails and evidence of abuse by the gov't resulting in increased crime and deaths is less important to the gun control advocates than pushing for more laws and restrictions. None of which would have prevented a single gun from being 'walked'.

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John Richardson said...

Thanks for posting the link to the hearing transcript. I was looking for one.

Anonymous said...

Come on, they're just dead greasers - well except for a couple of our guys. But omelettes and all that...