Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paul Helmke Jumps Ship

His 'Five Year Contract' is up and he's bailing. Dennis "What 'People" Henigan will be the acting Pres. until they find some new sucker to take up thier dying cause.

The article brings the funny:
The Brady Campaign, in announcing Helmke's departure, noted many accomplishments of his tenure. Leaders of the board spoke highly of his leadership, saying he has made the organization's voice louder and its movement stronger.
What are these 'many accomplishments'? How is the movement 'stronger'? They haven't had a successful federal legislation in over a decade. Their own guy in the White House, the guy they claimes would roll over the NRA and get 'sensible, common-sense' gun bans passed instead has rolled over FOR the NRA the last few years, garnering an "F" from Paul. Two losses at the SCOTUS, on and on.

Bye Paul. It's been fun.

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MonteG said...

Perhaps they were referring to bowel movements? Because they certainly spewed a lot of s*** during his five year tenure.

J.R. said...

The only acceptable next place for Helmke to go is death row, for all the murders, rapes, and maimings he was complicit in, by campaigning to make the victims disarmed.

kaveman said...

Just got one thing to say to Paul...

"We win, you lose now let's get to work."


Anonymous said...

In the article linked, Sarah Brady stated Helmke worked tirelessly to make Americans safer. She must not have meant by working for the Brady Campaign because their gun-control laws make no one safer.

jdberger said...

I, for one, will miss him. He was always good for a laugh. I believe that his continued incompetence, his ability to dupe municipalities to embrace his unusual and failed legal theories, and his baffled histrionics at The Presdent's refusal to follow him over the cliff gave us (gunnies) the opportunity to turn the tide and get on the offensive.

Predictable and pathetic opponents are the best kind wgen you're playing the Civil Rights game.

Chas said...

Who does Henigan want for a hand puppet?

LPF said...

I think I might apply for the job. Six figures to sit in an Air Conditioned office and fail. I could do that. I could do that no problem!

Anonymous said...

Question 1 on the job application:Can you look straight into a news camera and spout outright lies with a straight face?