Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snuffy Thinks We're All the NRA

Father 'Snuffy' Pfleger, who threatened the lives of firearm dealers, is likely to be moved from his parish. So he blames the NRA.
For the past couple years, he said he has been the target of petitions and letter-writing campaigns by the National Rifle Association. Letters are often copied to the cardinal, Pfleger said.

“The NRA … says I’ve been much too vocal about assault weapons and much too vocal about guns being registered and being accountable to gun owners,” Pfleger said on the radio. “So all that combined and I guess the cardinal didn’t have anything to do one morning and decided he wanted to get rid of me again.”
His bosses disagree:
Through a spokeswoman, George said he has never received a letter from the NRA or spoken to anyone from the organization about Pfleger. However, he does hear all kinds of opinions from parishioners, spokeswoman Colleen Dolan said.
Snuffy is another one of those that think all things firearm are controlled and arranged by the NRA. Just like he protested against the NRA at a rally that was not affiliated w/ them.

What's really frightening is the diocese wants him to work at a High School.

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chiefjaybob said...

WBBM radio was reporting this morning that he is on record somewhere saying he will leave the church if he is removed from St. Sabina's. He listed the three options, leave St. Sabina's, take the principal's job at St. Leo's or leave the church, and he choose leave the church. This dude is so far removed from reality that he has forgetten who his boss is. Let him leave; better yet, excommunicate his dumb ass.

Linoge said...

It is far easier for him to believe in some grand conspiracy than to admit that he is simply being gotten rid of for being a nutjob.

I do love how his boss is so quick to slap him down, though... :)