Friday, February 11, 2011

The Eagle Movie Review.

Young buck goes on a quest in Roman Britannia to recover the standard of the 9th Legion lost by his father years earlier.

Pretty weak film overall. Lots of that bouncy camera crap. Fairly predictable w/ elements from Gladiator and the Patriot. Seemed like it was already edited for TV. And they could have at least pretended to try and speak like Romans instead of modern Californians.

OK for a rental but don't bother spending the money for the theater.


drjim said...

It takes a pretty damn good movie to get me to fork over what they want these days!

The Warrior said...

Any good battle scenes at all?

Thirdpower said...

Some were OK but as I said, they were all filled w/ that bouncy camera crap and it was edited like it could be shown on regular TV.