Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baldr's Poll, Honest Results.

Linoge has mirrored the poll from over at 'New Trajectory' which disappeared after the results didn't turn out the way CF OR expected. I'm sure the numbers will be similar.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

But if he's like Bryan Miller, he'll just start calling us bullies.

Thirdpower said...

He already has called us bullies.

Linoge said...

Please note that due to my lack of attention to detail, the poll is no longer embedded directly in the post - instead, it is available at the top of the left page bar, from every page and post. This turned out to be a net improvement, but I apologize for the confusion and brief disconnect.

kaveman said...

Albert Nossing Gun cultists has posted a poll about gun control in response to the great work of Baldr Odinson (Ceasefire Oregon). He's daring us to see if we can mobilize a grassroots effort to vote in this issue. Show them what we can do!! for the cultist's blo...g for Baldr's blog.
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in the interests of honesty
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hahahahahahahah, the word verification is "deprest"

Weer'd Beard said...

He now has 9 votes for Gun Control. I suspect Baldr and Joan didn't vote yet.

Weer'd Beard said...

I got a picture of the "Joint Strike Fighter" the Brady Campaign is mobilizing to flood Linoge's Poll!


Keep your head down, the Brady Campaign has some pretty frightening numbers!

Linoge said...

Baldr is now accusing us of "astroturfing" to get the responses to his poll we did. Suffice to say, this allegation is full of gos-se, just like almost everything else he says.