Wednesday, June 23, 2010

True friends...

Hmmm, coming up with new material for a post once a month is very taxing. Truth be told, I haven’t been in a very good mood lately and can’t get my thoughts nailed down. I’m not going to post something just to fill space.

I was supposed to be in Missouri right now visiting my Mother. My plans sorta changed the day before my flight. I was packing my bags and was transferring the guns I had in one home to the gun safe I have in another home for safe keeping during the trip.

Much to my surprise, my other home(summer home) had been broken into. They came in through a window and stole a bunch of crap. TV which I don’t use, old computer riddled with viruses, 2 different stereos along with the speakers, several ceramic knick-knack dragons and a custom one-of-a-kind model steam engine built by my brother and my Father’s Father. They also took a gawdy NRA belt buckle I received for free(barf) and some custom playing cards from the North American Hunting Club, of which I’m a life time member. Other worthless items were taken as well which makes me believe it may have been kids rather than hardened criminals.

The only thing I miss is that model steam engine. Anyone familiar with The Oregon Steam-up will know who built it. I’m his Grandson.

Anyways, the bastards left behind the gun safe. The tire tracks in the driveway told me they were driving a small car and couldn’t haul it off even if they wanted. What concerned me was the fact that they also took the dolly and rope on the back porch which I used to get that safe into my summer home to begin with. They were inside my home. They saw the safe. THEY SAW THE SAFE.

Long story short, I couldn’t exactly fly out the next morning knowing that they had been in my home, saw what I had, stole everything needed to take what I have and have one ounce of enjoyment 2000 miles away.

I had to cancel.

I’ve heard that a few gun owners read this blog. This is some simple advice for those readers. If you do not own a gun safe(s) which can secure ALL OF YOUR GUNS, then skip your next gun purchase and buy one.

I had planned on buying another gun to celebrate McDonald. Now I will be spending that money on another gun safe as my collection has exceeded my ability to protect it from scumbags.

Please, please , please…keep the needed hardware nearby for home defense…and lock everything else up inside a device that will make scumbags curse and give you some time to make plans for their return.

Oh yes, I most certainly have.

They didn’t get a single gun, a single scope, a single magazine, a god damn single round of live ammo.

Buy a safe. Buy several. Buy a spare that sits empty for future acquisitions. Check the floor supports. Place it where it can it stand fully booked.

And above all else…have friends that will help you move heavy things.

Unorganized Militia Gear


Scott McCray said...

Scumbags suck -sorry you got ripped off. In a perfect world, a$$hats like that would spontaneously combust.

w/v = realizes (the need for a bigger safe - me, too)

FightinBluHen51 said...

Great Advise! I got one on black Friday last year for my birthday present this year. The price was simply too good to pass up, and I definitely travel easier knowing that all my gear is locked up.

Anonymous said...

And always buy the largest safe that you can afford and that will fit in the available space. Remember Murphy's Law of Gun Safes: No matter how large the safe is it will ALWAYS become too small eventually...

John Richardson said...

Sorry to hear about the break-in. It is a damn shame that booby-traps tend to be illegal.

Great advice on making your next purchase a safe if you don't have one.

kaveman said...

"It is a damn shame that booby-traps tend to be illegal."

Very true.

I actually called the county police and asked about the legality of a spike strip for my driveway. Since I own 2 homes, one is for primary living and the other stands vacant, so I wanted to at least pop the tires of anyone wnating to roll into the place.

Spike strips(long 2x4 with nails) is legal but I would be liable for a new set of tires should an innocent person suffer them.

Small price to pay.

One thing I have learned is that defense of hearth and home must be multi-layered.