Thursday, June 24, 2010

Machine Gun Sammy

While Dave Hardy reports that some believe Roberts is going to keep McDonald all to himself, most of the chatter I've heard and from what I understand of SCOTUS tradition puts the opinion in the hands of Alito.

While SIH has some concerns over this, no matter the reason, this is the same guy the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership dubbed "Machine Gun Sammy" and were absolutely crapping themselves over when he was nominated.

We're not going to get everything we want but I am certainly looking forward to Monday. And I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing from the PuSH'ers that because every gun law wasn't immediately repealed and gradeschoolers aren't walking around w/ AK-47's, that this was really a 'loss' for our side , gun control was going to sweep the nation and the NRA is planning on overthrowing the Gov't.

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