Sunday, May 30, 2010

Even More Wishful Thinking..

A lawyer who claims to have sat next to Otis McDonald during proceedings is REALLY REALLY hoping that the SCOTUS reverses its decision in Heller and allows Chicago to keep its handgun ban.

While it is true
the justices did not look favorably on Gura's P&I argument, they bitchslapped Chicago's lawyer left and right as he tried to re-argue Heller. No mention of course is made by Saunders of Clement's Due Process argument. Most likely because it's the most likely option and opposes Saunders' bigoted view of the 2A.

Bigotted? Yeah, she is. She uses the worn out arguments that the Constitution 'gives' rights, which is ironic being that she blasts the court for ignoring precedent, and the old 'get an alarm system' fallback. Nevermind the fact that Daley has his own '24/7 alarm system' in the way of tax-payer funded armed bodyguards.

But the funniest bit of bigotry is her discrimination against Senior Citizens:

it's hard to get away from the picture of a grandparent who can't shoot straight or see straight without his spectacles"

No mention of the 80yr old vet who ventilated a lifelong criminal trying to burglarize his home. Now why would she neglect that little anecdote?

Oh, right. Nevermind.

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Thumper said...

I noticed the Huff article never even mentions Alderman Mells special handgun re-registration that was specially opened up because He forgot to register his handguns on time. Theres an Chicago suntimes article from Fran Spielman titled "Oh Shoot" from May 20 of 2008 documenting this.

thumper said...

Which only shows that Chicago's eyes only the special few are privileged enough for handgun possession and the rest of the city's law abiding "Can feel free to move elsewhere if they wish to possess handguns" as Chicago's Atty Benna Ruth Solomon clearly said at the 7th district appeal hearing of McDonald v Chicago.
I know she said it... because I was sitting in the courtroom that day.