Thursday, June 3, 2010

We All Know What Happens Next...

The shooter in the UK was a licensed owner. So of course the next calls will be to ban shotguns (and probably airguns) entirely.

What this shows though, is that no matter how strict the laws, someone going nuts will find a way to do it. Arbitrary licensing, expensive registration, outright bans... All of it failed and will continue to fail.

It's a good thing we have organizations like the NRA, SAF, CCRKBA etc. here in the US or we would be in the same boat the Brits are right now.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Given that there is no self defense, and huge restrictions, hoops, and qualifications to simply own a gun, let alone shoot one, I see little point in UK gun rights.

Ban them all, and then we'll have that much better a case when people continue to be shot, stabbed, raped, and abused.

Alphy said...

I have no finger on the pulse of British politics, except for an NRA report on a protest in England. Apparently, when they sentenced a person for life imprisonment for shooting two burglars in an isolated farm home, it's set off a nerve.

I'd like to know what will happen after this: I have this feeling that if nothing does, it may mean that the tide is turning in England.

But I have no idea...