Monday, October 19, 2009


Fox News is biased.

CNN is biased.

MSNBC is biased.

You get the picture.

When Bush was president, he couldn't even wipe his nose without most of the networks criticizing him while he could do no wrong on Fox. This carried over to Democrats and Republicans in general.

Now the reverse is true.

What I don't think the anti-Bush networks ever managed to do is get the WhiteHouse in a position where they had to respond DIRECTLY to a network and even if they did, they lost.

The WH has, over the last few days, started taking direct jabs at Fox. The only thing this has had the effect of doing so far is getting even more people to tune it and see what all the hubbub's about.

Maybe Obama should hire Glenn Beck as his media czar.

I mean really, when the best response they can come up w/ to video of their main media rep praising one of the biggest mass murderers in history is "I was just kidding" and the equivalent of "They're just a bunch of poo-poo" while FOX shows video after video of officials sticking their feet in their mouths, they've lost that fight.

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