Friday, July 14, 2017

The Stanley Chronicles: Turkey Run 2017: Preparations - A Partial Stanley

As stated in the Preface, something always goes wrong w/ our trips.  When I took 4PA on a camping trip for scouts, it deluged and we got flooded out, completely soaking all our gear. After a trip to McD's, we went home.  A few attempts at backyard camping lasted... minutes. Of course after I went through all the hassle of setting up their tents etc. 

So the current adventure.  I've been at my job for going on two years now.  Well established, got the routine down, some vacation time saved up, you know the drill.  I need a break.  Not just a nickel/dime day here and there but a nice long vacation. I figure the week of my burfday will be perfect.  I want to go camping.  I take the week off of work, no problems.  W/ some Google-Fu, I find the website for a campground my dad and I used to go to all the time when I was a kid, Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. So many great memories.

I really had no idea it was that close, only an hour and a half drive from the Trailer. They've got pictures of all the sites and the campground w/ info on sun/shade throughout the day.  I find a nice one available (198) for the days I want, Tues through Friday morning.  They don't allow you to bring in firewood so I fully expect to get gouged on that.  There I wasn't disappointed.

The days go by and preparations are made.  Since this is the first time camping for me in years and the first time overall for the family, most things are bought new.  The meme that people spend as much pretending to be woodsy as for a nice hotel is true, at least for the initial investment.  Tent, mats, foodstuffs, misc. odds and ends are investigated, priced, and purchased.  Most of us already had sleeping bags ( I'm still using the one I picked out near 35 years ago), and we had coolers, grill, and utensils so it wasn't all bad.

Monday we start working on the last minute preparations. Getting everything packed, checklists finalized, maps printed.  You know, the usual stuff. Weather looks like it might be an issue but still plenty of sunshine available.  I print out the reservation sheet for the campsite. Check in time  Monday 2pm through Thursday check out at 2pm.

Sh!t!!  Monday through Thursday!?!?  I was planning Tues. through Friday.  Then I remembered a conversation w/ the MIL regarding taking care of the animals while we were gone and M-Th would work best for her.  Much swearing ensued on my end.  A somewhat panicked call to the IN DNR ensured that we wouldn't lose our spot if we weren't there and we could check in earlier than the normal time since it was a day late.  Going back on the web, I find the site is still available Th-F so I reserve it. 

Alright.  Breath.  It's all good.  A few bucks down the drain but no big deal.. It all goes to the campground.  We'll get loaded up and out the door tomorrow for a family adventure.

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Angus McThag said...

Holy shared experiences!

When my dad worked at Electromotive and we lived in Bolingbrook we'd do Memorial Day weekends at Turkey Run.

We'd often rent a canoe and spend a day on the river.