Monday, September 5, 2016

Rabbit Stew

So I tried something new in cooking.. Rabbit stew.  It's something I've been interested in and I make a decent stew (not that it takes all that much skill.  The C-in-C butchered one yesterday and I did a little recipe hunting and ingredient shopping. 

Layered 1.5 lb of potatoes followed by about 1lb of carrots in the slow cooker.  Light seasoning of salt/pepper/garlic salt between each layer.

The rabbit I quartered the legs and de-boned the torso.  It ended up being about 2 lbs of meat.  The remainder and offal went to the dogs.  Waste not want not.

A layer of canned mushrooms and half an onion cut in 1/8th pieces. 

 Cooked on 'high' in the pot for about 3 hrs then on 'low' for about 4 hrs.  The meat was falling off the bone.

 On the plate:

The entire family (sans one) enjoyed it and cleared their plates.  A few minor tweaks for next time (more seasoning primarily) will make it even better.

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Anonymous said...

Most good rabbit recipes start with "fry half-a-pound of bacon."

Old NFO said...

Agree with Wheelgun...LOL

Weer'd Beard said...

Nothing beats coming home at the end of the day and smelling that slow cooker, and looking in and seeing that after-shot!