Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Criminal History

So a bit back, there was a murder in a neighboring town. A guy 'accidentally' shot his girlfriend through a closed door, killing her.  Now in standard MDA meme, they would go on about how reckless and irresponsible gun owners are and how X laws would have prevented this from happening.  

Then you look past the headline to the facts of the case. 

POS A  (need the qualifier, there are more involved), the shooter, was a felon in possession that has an adult criminal history (starting when he was 18), progressing from underage drinking to DUI/Reckless driving, to burglary.  Now he had the gun because he was given it by an 18 yr old, POS B,  (also a felon in possession (history of drugs, theft, and traffic violations) in order to commit an armed robbery. Well POS A decided to back out of the deal but kept the gun and shot through the door because he thought POS B and his buddies were coming to get him.   Both were on probation.

Other dispositions:
GF:  Felon. On probation for drugs and resisting arrest. 
POS C: Felon, laundry list going back to when he was 18
POS D: Felon, laundry list going back to when he was 18

Not a single innocent among the bunch,  the norm for most violent crime.  What brought this to my attention was a post by a local running for State Rep.  Here was his commentary:

This shouldn't happen here.
This shouldn't happen. Period.
We need to get serious about gun violence in this country, and we'll begin with Illinois.

Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones. Deepest condolences.
and one of the supporters blames the GOP. 

No matter his other issue positions, this shows a complete and total disconnect from reality and/or just another political hack/poser. 

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