Wednesday, September 14, 2016

George Not Getting It

So George Takei, who spent time in the Internment Camps for Japanese during WWII, starts an anti-gun group (w/ a closed membership), and hires as its 'Director' one Ladd Everitt, who previously stated his endorsement for the gov't rounding up citizens and putting them in internment camps
“Commenter: So the Govt rounding up citizens based on Religion or Ethnic ID would not warrant armed resistance if courts bless as constitutional.

CSGV: Correct.

I'm not too worried though.  He ran the failed DC MMM, he was Comm Dir. of a group that operated out a bar loft (and below a fortune teller) for nearly a decade with technology that 80's space guy would have been envious of and who's major accomplishment was paying FB to increase the 'likes' on their page.

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Miguel GFZ said...

I like to say that Takei is the longest case of Stockholm syndrome in medical history.