Sunday, June 12, 2016


An individual who allegedly...

Pledged himself to ISIS
Had been under FBI investigation multiple times (just like Ft Hood, Boston, and San Bernadino)
Shouted 'Allah Ackbar'
whose dad was a Taliban supporter
regularly beat the crap out of his (ex) wife
was a licensed security guard working for a company contracted w/ DHS
was a registered Democrat
hated gays w/ a passion

killed 50 people and wounded dozens more in a gun free zone.

Obviously the fault of the NRA, Republicans, and the availability of guns.

Makes perfect sense. 

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Crotalus said...

"The NRA's fault..."

And sure enough, one of the gay men's chorus held up an anti-NRA sign.

Dumbest f*#ks ever!

drjim said...

Definitely people unclear on how logical thinking works.

Must be products of our wonderful public "education" system.....

Anonymous said...

Good site.