Saturday, June 11, 2016

@RepRobinKelly 's Crocodile Tears @MarkBrowncst

So IL Rep Robin Kelly spoke to the 'Illinois Campaign for Political Reform' the other day about gun control and broke down in tears.
This is the same Rep. who had her seat bought for her for $2m by (out of state) billionaire Bloomberg. 

That irony alone should bring tears to her eyes. 

But apparently her speech was a comedy routine:
“I’m not anti-gun,” Kelly protests. “I come from a family of cops and hunters. I respect the Second Amendment. I just happen to believe we can balance our Second Amendment rights with the rights of all Americans to live free of the threat of gun violence.”
Yeah, OK. Just like every other anti-rights politico, she 'respects the 2A' so much she wants to ban the majority of firearms, shut down 90% of (federally licensed) firearm dealers, and punish legal firearm owners through taxes, laws, and bureaucracy.

I'll give her credit though,  when she's bought she stays bought.

Unsurprisingly the opinion piece at the Sun Times doesn't allow for comments.  And the writer didn't tweet it to his feed. 


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