Friday, June 17, 2016

The People That Want 'Reasonable'... 'Common-Sense' Gun Control

Sen. Dick Durbin claims "no self-respecting sportsman in his home state of Illinois would ever use an ‘AR-47’ to hunt deer."

(Maybe because there is no such thing and that rifle hunting of deer in Illinois is illegal. )

Sen. Feinstein proposes an amendment that removes the assumption of innocence and the requirement that any evidence of guilt needs to be presented. 

Sen Manchin proposes that anyone 'suspected' by the FBI should lose their rights for five years even after being cleared of anything because 'Due Process is killing us".

The head of the DHS is demanding gun control to disarm 'extremists' while at the same time silencing his agents from discussing things like 'Jihad' or 'Sharia' and saying 'right wing extremists' are just as much of a threat.  That when nearly every 'report' put out by the DHS has been broad enough to include nearly every firearm advocate and even supporters of sitting Senators.

And this is just a few of the politicians. What's really scary is a lot of people have no problem w/ these ideas even though were they proposed by a different administration there would be protests w/ burning effigies

And this is one more reason why I oppose any new laws.

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