Friday, May 27, 2016

Grassroots vs Astroturf Cash

So the Giffords’ Bloomberg funded anti-gun group ARS merged with the Joyce funded Law Center to Prevent Gun Ownership. They then made a big push in Illinois to legislate gun shops out of business through taxes, fees, bureaucracy , and mandates. They were joined by several other ‘grassroots’ anti-gun organizations located in Illinois that basically consist of a PO Box and some more Joyce Foundation money (ICHV and “People for a Safer Criminal” specifically).

The sponsor of the bill attached it as an amendment to a ‘shell bill’ that was titled about illegal waste dumping. I’m sure you can all see how clearly that relates to firearms. The anti-gun groups tried to take a page from the ISRA and Illinois Carry playbook and file ‘witness slips’, an online form that one can state support or opposition to a measure. Even after all their push, they were outnumbered in ‘witness slips’ 5:1 + (amend. 1- 5017:985).

As the amendment was questioned and criticized, new amendment after new amendment followed, rushed through rigged ‘committees’ as assigned by anti-gun Rep. Mike Madigan, six in total so far. In each and every case, the witness slips showed massive opposition against the bill, the 4th 1433:93, the latest amendment at 393:16. This, during the height of the workdays and all the nonsense being rushed through the legislature. Firearm rights advocates continued to rally in opposition while the anti’s diminished to mostly paid professionals like Colleen Daley, Mark Walsh of the ICHV and Ron Holmes of ARS.

‘Polls’, as shown again in the crapumentary “Under the Gun” keep touting that ‘gun owners want more gun control’ but when it comes down to actual voting or shows of support, it’s the complete opposite. It must be that ‘silent majority’ again as they try to prove their negative.

The only times ‘gun control’ can win is when they dump millions of dollars into it and lie to the public.

Update:  A 'protest' against the favorite bugaboo of Chuck's gunshop turned up about 6 anti-gun protesters to over 30 pro-rights folks (alerted to such by a night before email from the ISRA/IllinoisCarry)

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