Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Bill HB1016

This is their big push for the year folks.  This is the one they are putting all their eggs and money into.  They've been sending out mailers, making robocalls, and flying in lobbyists to effectively end firearm sales in the state. 

Police inspections.
Expensive security systems
'Best practices' (iow we pull your license if you don't do what we say, how we say it, which will change randomly)
Full staff background checks (which are already done w/ FOID cards)
Fees, fees, and more fees to pay for it all. 

More on the bill here

Call your reps and state senators.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Absolutely unreal. Many times I have heard so-called "moderates" claim that "no one is coming to take your guns," or "they aren't trying to ban guns... that's just something that the NRA claims to drive donations to give to the gun lobby..." Those people are silent when these schemes arise. I wonder, is there silence intentional or is it muted joy?