Saturday, May 28, 2016

Range Therapy

Talked to my mom today. She told me a story I had not heard before. 

Shortly after we lost my dad to a work accident, I bought my mom a gun to keep in the home since she was now alone and the neighborhood had been going downhill.  Since she was inexperienced w/ them, I took her to the range to get her familiarized enough w/ it so she could use it in an emergency.  She didn't do bad.  Not great but well enough that she could use it.  

She told me today that what was going on in her head that day was all the usual things that one experiences after a loved one's death.  Anger, sadness, fear.  All those wonderful emotions that sap the will from a person's life.  

What mom did is what many of us enthusiasts know about.  She took out all those negative emotions on those pieces of paper at the far end of the range.  The concentration of lining up the sites.  Feeling the recoil of the firearm in her hands.  The flash from the barrel.  The perforated targets we pulled back to the line.  

She told me it took all the anger and sadness out of her and she felt good again. 

That's something the other side will never understand. 

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Elizabeth Hanson said...

So very to hear about the loss of your dad. I have taken many women shooting and many find it much more soothing than they ever realized it could be.

Anonymous said...

Roy, I lost my brother to a work accident in 2004. there is nothing I or anyone can say to soothe your loss. That kind of thing truly leaves a mark. It was a good thing you did for you mother, recoil therapy sometimes is the best medicine!

Thinking about you, bro!

Tom 762, Arizona

Lauren Ventosa said...

Wow, I'm so glad your mother was able to find a way to bring her peace of mind. We all need a way to get out our emotions.

Sorry for your loss.