Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Chicago Riot Pics Not Being Shown...

So 'activists' shut down a political rally in Chicago in a fine performance of supporting civil rights and the US Constitution.  While most of the lamestream media plays it down as 'conflicts' between protesters and supporters, it turned into nothing more than a riot, destroying not only Freedom of Speech, but thousands of dollars in damages to personal property as they rampaged through the streets smashing cars w/ political stickers on them. 

Here are some of the 'other' pics and video from the streets.

Which candidate are they voting for?

From SCC:

Video taken of the 'peaceful' protesters:

With countless pre-printed signs, this was a well-funded and organized riot, just like in Ferguson and Baltimore.  It wouldn't surprise me if the 'organizers' came out to be employees of MoveOn, Soros, SEIU or other far-left organizations. 

Now, w/ Cruz et al using this debacle to denounce Trump instead of the protesters' violence, all that has occurred is that lots of fence-sitters and Cruz supporters are going over to support Captain Toupee.  Was this the intentional or an un-intended side effect?

Tuesday is going to be interesting.  There's only one candidate for ANY office (Dale Righter) that I'm positive about voting for. 

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Miguel GFZ said...

They are wishing for a fear is that they will make a tragic victim selection and blood will be spilled by the buckets

Allen said...

the closer to the target you are, the more flak you're gonna get