Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ancient Dread: The Slaver Battle at Sea

As the Virtuous Maiden sailed out to find the slaver ship, the group spent the debating tactics.  Frederick kept falling asleep and losing his bell much to the amusement of Strongbow.  Malthus opened up a bit and it was discovered that he is a natural wizard and that he can cast the spells Fly as the Eagle and Sphere of Invisibility.
It was decided that the ship would come up alongside the slaver, rake it with arrows before closing to allow Echo to steam clean their uniforms, then engage with boarders. This worked well for awhile. The Longbow and Xbow teams showered the deck, taking out most of the slaver crew and several of their fighters.
Then the bad nasties hit. Two Shedim demons and a powerful fire warlock appeared hitting our Corsair with a Cloud of Ash.  While powerful, he wasn’t very bright.  The damp rain caused the spell to only do limited damage. Frederick engaged the Fire Warlock with several Lighting Bolts with support by the Xbow men, eventually taking the Warlock out before he could do much more than hurt a few of our hired fighters. Echo blasted the Shedim w/ a Gust of Wind, forcing them to hold on for their damned lives and preventing them from attacking. Seeing the demons incapacitated, the longbow team took out one Shedim and severely hurt the second. We stormed aboard. Eddie and Klyn waded into the fight. Klyn lost ANOTHER ax but picking up a dropped cutlass, carried on.  His goal to try and free the slaves below deck. Eddie carved a path of bodies, seemingly unstoppable even in the face of the Shedim demon. It eventually fell due to the combined efforts of the crew and party.
Klyn charged past the enemy and below decks, running smack into the witch, that monster known as Kralton, who had juiced himself up w/ numerous spells such as Armor of Ithan, Strength of Utgard Loki and Might of the Palladium making him nearly unstoppable. Klyn fought valiantly but was falling back to try and get help when he was cut down in mid-stride. Anguish across his face as he fell to the deck.  Eddie charged in heroically but was also quickly felled by this juggernaut. Freddie’s last lightning bolt seemingly bounced off while Roan’s psionic attack wounded him slightly before the giant wolfen was flung into the sea like a rag doll.
Seeing his companions fall, Strongbow charged into the fray, hoping to hold off the witch long enough for the Cleric to revive Eddie so the three of them could have a hope of taking out their opponent with their combined magical blades. The witch, however, was having none of that.  His familiar, another Shedim, burst from the water between the ships, pulling down the boarding planks and preventing Frederick or more re-enforcements from getting across.  Echo flew into the air w/ Ackdor in order to rescue overboard crewmembers, which included Alta, before they could become casualties of the demon or the sea.  As a last hope, knowing he couldn’t take out the witch alone, Strongbow expended all his mental abilities in a last ditch effort to hurt or kill this seemingly unstoppable creature. The Dragons were with him and the witch fell. The remaining slaver crew, disheartened from seeing their leaders deposed, quickly surrendered or were dispatched after that.
Freddie, in a fit of vengeance, beheaded the witch, bringing down the wrath of Apis. A search of the ship revealed much in the way of riches.  Gold, jewels, weapons, and the ship itself. The (former) slaves are released and given care. We are now on our way to the Far Pendeltor region of the Land of the South Winds.

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