Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Family That Shoots Together....

So last weekend was FifthPower's 8th Bday (first seen here) so we of course had to celebrate.  I took him out last summer to shoot a 10/22 but he had only shot a couple rounds from a handgun.  Since one of his presents was a Red Ryder BB gun, we had to go out for some range time.

The entire family came w/.

First was his BB gun.  Since it is considerable longer than he's used to and I didn't bring the table down, we stuck w/ some balloons and a tank, just for some general techniques.

Then some instruction on the KelTec P32.

The CinC wanted some practice w/ her Walther 9mm.

FourthPower Alpha w/ the KelTec

Fourth Power Bravo decided to up-gun to the Beretta 92S.

I got a little time in myself: (Note:  I do have plugs in)

Group shot.

Family bonding.  Children w/ handguns.  Exploding heads of anti's.  All good.

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