Thursday, October 22, 2015

Following That Joyce Gun Control Money

It's been awhile since I last looked at the Joyce Foundation grant money lists, mostly because they pulled their lists for several years offline because we were showing how little public support gun control has and that most of it comes from elites like the Joyces, Soros, and Bloomberg. 

Well some of it's back up and the numbers are just as interesting as before

Josh Sugarmann and the VPC seem to be weening themselves off the Joyce teat, only receiving about 30% of their total money from them ($250K), which almost covers Josh's and Kirsten Rand's salaries ( $150k ea.)

The 'New Venture Fund' has seen their monies go from about $450K to over $1m/year under various grants.  The NVF seems to be a hub for money distribution to other sources.  Gotta keep as much of it hidden as they can.  

The Chicago Mayor's office has gotten $150K/year for the last several years to push gun control along w/ another $250K to the ICHV.

Harvard has gotten about $500K for the last few years.

the CSGV's 'Educational Fund' $150K and Bloomie's Everytown $350K and the WI 'WAVE over $300k/year.

Overall nearly $5.5 million dollars being dumped into gun control efforts every year just by the Joyce Foundation alone. So while the accusations that the NRA are just 'gun lobby' whores abound, the fact remains that anti-gun activism is paid for almost exclusively by a few rich philanthropists w/ their own private armed security.

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1 comment:

Archer said...

You're too kind. The word "philanthropists" implies they're giving their money to a cause in the interests of the greater good. "Gun control" does not further the greater good.

"Oligarchs" (i.e. powerful due to wealth) is a much more accurate description. "Elitists", "collectivists", "control freaks", "nanny-staters", and "would-be Big Brothers" are also acceptable.