Monday, October 19, 2015

Denial. It Ain't Just A River in Egypt.

You really have to love anti-gun advocates.  They truly have to live in a world of their own to maintain their self image.  Take this column for example:
That power of the NRA is now diminishing and the power of "common sense" gun organizations are rising, such as the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Only if he defines 'now' as the last few weeks w/ a margin of error.  Pew and Gallup both show the exact opposite trend as does any measure of common sense.

Then this unsurprising bit of info:
Hillary Clinton will be recognized by the Brady Center for her "longstanding leadership in the fight to reduce gun violence by keeping guns out of dangerous hands".
While working for an administration that has shipped arms to drug dealers and terrorists.  Interesting take on it. The 'Brady Center' is giving her this 'award' in order to garner some media attention since she's currently in the lime-light  It's about the only light they can afford to keep on anymore since they're near defunct and have been mostly supplanted by the millions of dollars (not donors or members, unlike the NRA) of Bloomberg Inc.
The NRA, for its part, has stopped every single "common sense" gun reform proposal in the past 15 years, including a universally accepted "universal background checks."
How have they done that if their power is so 'diminished'?  A refrain we've been hearing from other failing anti-gun fanatics (ie Josh Sugarmann) for years.
The inaugural Mario M. Cuomo Visionary Award will be presented to Hillary Clinton at the Brady Center’s annual Brady Bear Awards Gala in New York on November 19.
Bet she won't show.  Any takers? I'll give odds.
In an attempt to "distract and distort" the "common sense" gun debate, the NRA is claiming that Hillary Clinton favors a "gun confiscation" agenda, using the code word of "Australia."
I love this bit.  He then goes on to justify how wonderful Australia is while completely ignoring the FACT that the rigged statistics he provides are only in association w/ the CONFISCATION of hundreds of thousands of privately owned firearms (while we managed to drop our homicide rate 50% over the same period).  He has to ignore that to maintain his worldview of the NRA as some giant behemoth that controls the minds of tens of millions of firearm owners (w/ their reduced influence of course).  You know, the usual "NRA is in the business of selling guns" meme.

The NRA doesn't have to 'fear monger' or lie.  Clinton and Obama gave firearm advocates that gift of calling for confiscation wrapped in a neat package w/ that fancy metallic ribbon as a bow.  The author's attempts to distract from that are nothing but sad as he lives in the gun control mental utopia of 20 yrs ago.

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