Thursday, October 22, 2015

Change the Wording and it's Still Just as Silly

Saw this little gem on the book of face:

Of course I chuckled and shared.  Then I got to reading the comments left on the original post.

Dice don't kill characters, stupid decisions and vindictive DMs with dice kill characters.

Dice don't kill PC's. They kill the innocent, unsuspecting NPC's who are simply attempting to defend what is theirs from the raiding, violent and greedy PC's, who invade their homes, businesses, mines, and those oh-so-costly dungeons, all in the name of financial gain and material wealth. But more NPC's die by the deadly "1" roll every single week. Please, do your best to protect these poor, innocent NPC's from a fate which could, with care and forethought, have been prevented.

 Dice don't kill people. DMs kill people - with dice.

 Dice don't kill characters, players do.

 This is why the PCs must have their own polyhedron dice. Without them, they are defenseless against the GM and his minions.

And my two favorites:
There's no need for high-capacity dice with 10 or more sides! An 8-sided die is plenty for the DM to defend himself with!

In Amber and Nobilis, where dice have been banned, PCs still die.

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Unknown said...

You can have this GM's d20 when you pry it from my cold, dead dice bag.