Sunday, September 13, 2015

Munchkin Campaign Cont.

Took a break from GM'ing since the spawn wanted to run w/ my PC.  My painter buddy took over, setting aside his two characters for the session. Follow the earlier sessions here.


Bartholomew and Trundle decided to take a break from adventuring.  Magyck and Afdar go to the tavern proclaiming they are in need of more adventurers for their party.  They get ignored and Magyck shoots a mug out of a dwarf’s hand, nearly starting a fight.  After she is removed from the tavern by the local constabulary, Afdar finds an Elf Longbowman by the name of Strongbow who is willing to join them for 50 gold and expenses.  Outside, Magyck is chatted up by a young farmer in need of help clearing out rats from their barn.  The pay is good so she accepts. 

At the farm, an old man directs them to the barn.  Giant rats cause a brief scuffle but Afdar’s sword and Magyck’s Cloud of Slumber take care of them.

 Returning to the barn, it has gone from a nice, cozy little cottage to an ancient wreck w/ no one in sight, the fields fallow.  They follow the path into the forest, dark and ominous.  A clearing is ahead w/ someone standing in it, a female.  Afdar moves forward and calls out to her.  She is standing in front of several (4) gravestones, the names being those of the farmer and his family.  Afdar walks in front of her and the zombie attacks him. For some reason he jumps into her arms. 

Strongbow draws his sword and Turns the Dead. It slowly flees and Magyck puts a bolt into its back.  Afdar finds a key lying on the ground.  They decide to return to the house to investigate it.  Inside is as dilapidated as the outside.  Magyck finds a locked trapdoor.  After trying to hit it open, Afdar tries his key into it. It easily opens.  A ladder leads down.  Afdar and Magyck go down, leaving Strongbow to watch from above.

  Downstairs is an earthen basement, the walls covered in nasty looking tools.  A mysterious, heavy wood door off to the side.  Afdar peeks through the door, light from three orbs spills out into the basement.   Calling Strongbow down, Magyck notices a small table off to the side w/ some scurrying forms, rats again, around it.  Figures, moaning, start shuffling towards Afdar.  Magyck throws a tool at one of the orbs, cracking it, and causing the light to dim.  Afdar, attempting to grab one of the orbs, feels they are evil.   The zombie appears to heal from normal attacks. Magyck and Strongbow shatter one of the orbs.  It appears to slow the zombie so the group attacks the remaining two. Shattering them as well. The zombie collapses.  

Finally able to explore the room , there is a circle of runes.  On the table is an open book, written in Elvish.  Written on it is a Paralysis Bolt spell.  A cabinet upstairs has a bag of gold and a sapphire. 

Not a bad haul. 

Afdar however, feels feverish and ill.  A trip to a cleric diagnoses him w/ some sort of infection. A donation to the church heals him.  Now time to settle back into the inn, get some repairs done, and pick up new supplies.

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