Sunday, September 6, 2015


So Miguel puts up the latest NICS numbers.  1.7m for the month of August '15. Yet over and over again we hear that 'gun ownership is dying' and that it's the same people buying more and more guns. 

OK, let's say that's true.  The number that used to be bandied about was '90%' increasing their arsenals.  I say give them that.  Sure.... 90%. 

That means in one month alone, there were 170,000 new gun owners.  The only way that's not an 'increase' is if 170k old gun owners either died or decided to sell all their guns. 

In one month. 

Then look at that evil NRA.  They only represent a tiny number of firearm owners, right?  About 2% by the claims.   Sure.  Let's go w/ that.

That means that there would be 3,400 NEW potential members. Ones who actually sign up and pay dues, not just click 'like' on a FB page.

In one month.

We sure as hell aren't seeing those kinds of numbers coming out of the anti-gun groups, especially on a monthly basis.  Instead we see laughable turnouts, manipulated photographs, and funding by a small number of rich bigots, most of whom are protected by their own heavily armed security.

But gun ownership is dying.

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Anonymous said...

And theres no documentation on home builds. Ak receiver flat builds and AR 80% builds which are becoming more popular.

Thirdpower said...

I would hazard that those would fall under the 90% more often than not. :)

Archer said...

If they counted gun ownership the way they calculate the unemployment rate, 170k new gun owners would be dropping the non-gun-ownership numbers to single-digit percentiles.

What would you call the corollary for the "labor force participation" rate? "Unorganized militia participation"? ;)

Sailorcurt said...

Last Saturday, I worked the Airfield Shooting Club/NRA tables at the Norfolk Gun Show.

In one day, we signed up approximately 30 new members and processed about 40 renewals (some of whom had been expired for over a year).

In one day at one relatively small gun show.

The other thing that was striking to me is how diverse the crowd was. Lots of women, lots of families and people of all races, creeds, colors.