Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Gun Day

Took Alpha & Bravo out for their 10/22 christening.  Started out w/ some balloons.

The boy did fairly well w/ adjusting to the iron sights getting 5/9 w/ his first magazine.  The girl decided she wanted to shoot w/o support.  Combined w/ learning the sights and some issues w/ her vision (we have an eye appt.), she did not do very well, only hitting one, and getting very upset. We talked for a bit and I convinced her to stick w/ supports for now and we tried out a pair of my older glasses on her.  It did help some for the next round. 


I found some targets at the 'Con I worked over the weekend.  Thought they would like them and they did:

Still trying to convince her to support both elbows but we all know how well kids listen. I got in a little shooting myself.

We finished up by emptying out their boxes into some cheap soda cans.  The foamy explosions are most fun.  Then back up to the house for some firearm maintenance (wipedown, etc) and putting everything away.

Next chore is getting the scopes on and zeroed for some more practice time.

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.45ACP+P said...

Those young-uns are old enough for an Appleseed!

Thirdpower said...

Just about. I need to do another one myself. Will be looking into it more after I get their scopes on and the girl gets her eye appt.