Monday, July 20, 2015

A Package Full Of Gamer Hate

Just in time to hand them out at GenCon

I only had 5 left of my original order from years ago, three of which autographed.  At least one of which is promised to try and divert my painter friend from his evil hobby. I went to look to see if they were still in print.  Lo and behold they were.

Today in the mail I received an envelope w/ this return address:

My true gamer friends now probably have confirmed their suspicions of what I'm talking about.

I opened the envelope and true joy fell out. THE holy grail of 80's era gamer hatred.  Of course I'm speaking of:


Yes, 100 brand new copies although they are subtly different from the 2nd ed. ones (yeah, I did that intentionally) that were the same as 1st Ed. w/ the exception of removing references to Tolkein and C.S. Lewis as occult figures.

If you have never read or heard of 'Dark Dungeons' before, that means that #1, you don't read my site often enough, and #2, that you absolutely must. Here is the first panel:

Page 2

Then go here and read the rest. As a friendly warning, do NOT be drinking anything while you're reading it.

They also have made a movie of it which is insanely true to the comic.  Here's the trailer:

Then go here and buy the digital full version.  It is entirely worth it, especially if you watch it w/ subtitles on.

Methinks this weekend is going to be a little Gamer history lesson for the spawnlings as well as some presents to my regular group.

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1 comment:

drjim said...

Oh, boy......Chick Publications......

A place I worked at had a group of employees who were real 'Bible Thumpers', bordering on fanatical.

I had to take one of them with me on a service call to a customer, and while I was busy training the customer, he sneaked out and hid dozens of these hit-piece booklets all over their shop, and inside the Tech's toolboxes!

Man, did the shit ever hit the fan when we got back!

Turns out his minions were also putting these things inside the products we were shipping out, and some of the customers were outraged enough to call the corporate headquarters.

The zone manager, division manager, and CEO ( !!! ) came out unannounced and paid us a "friendly" little visit.

Heads were going to roll, but my plant manager was able to get the executives to back off after he had all the "The Group" (what they called themselves) sign a written agreement that they would cease and desist all such activity -OR ELSE-

Probably couldn't do that these days, but back then you could.