Thursday, April 30, 2015

That 'Insurrectionist' @CSGV

Remember when the fanatics at the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership said it was perfectly OK to put people in concentration camps if the courts approved

Well it appears that support of the courts only applies to rulings that apply to firearm owners.  When it comes to their 'people', they support violating court orders and insurrectionism against the government.

So they are encouraging their supporters to violate the law.  Seems like these dangerous insurrectionists need to be investigated for other criminal activity immediately.

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Archer said...

I guess they missed the part where the "grieving parents" were outed as paid Brady Campaign employees?

BTW, the Brady Campaign is on the hook for the money, not the parents directly. CSGV neglected to mention that part, too.

Whatever advances The Narrative (TM), right?

Sigivald said...

Anyone, not even a lawyer, could have told them that suit had no chance of success and an excellent chance of being forced to pay court costs.

PLCAA is not a difficult law to comprehend.