Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bill Maher Is An Elitist Prick

Accidentally turned on his show and caught a 2A rant.

Some stupid author "Access to guns is the problem"  to which Maher responded "The problem is the third of the country that's a bunch of f&cking rednecks".

Never believe them when they say they're not after your guns.

Now the irony is that right after, he went on a rant supporting the people who are in trouble for letting their kids walk to the park alone.  "What kind of country do we live in when the site of a kid, walking alone, requires a call to 911"

The people who are doing that are the same people who want guns taken away for their own safety and more government control of their lives. The same people Maher votes for and endorses on his show.


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