Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Got What It Asked For

The democratically elected Mayor declared a 'Free Violence Zone' to allow the poor, misunderstood rioters a chance to vent their anger and 'exercise their free speech'.

At least seven officers seriously hurt, millions of dollars in damages.  Gangs coordinating to take out more police.

This is what you get when you pander to sociopaths mental children.  The media and race-baiters have been stoking this for years now and each time they're going to use any excuse they can to destroy society and kill police. I hope Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is happy w/ the result.

And just as an aside, I'm going to bet there are few 'gun-nut insurrectionist NRA members' among the rioters. All the while anti-gun fanatics are warning people to stay away from 'Kansas' because of their progressive firearm laws.

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Anonymous said...

11 pm Delmarva news reported that the local sheriff from an adjoining jurisdiction was assembling a team to take their newly acquired play toy (MRAP) in to assist the BPD. Gov. activated the Nat.Guard, and the city is under a full curfew for both youths and adults for the week from 10pm till 5am no if ands or buts. Looks like some chickens are coming home to roost.

Archer said...

"Society does not control crime, ever, by forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of criminals. Society controls crime by forcing criminal to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of the law-abiding." -- Jeff Snyder

I can add nothing of greater value than that.