Saturday, April 4, 2015

She's Dead, Give Us Money

W/i 24 hrs of her dying, the Brady Campaign is whoring her memory for donations:
I’m sure there were times when she felt frustrated, exhausted, and discouraged. But her determination to change the landscape of gun violence in this country never faltered. I know she would want us to continue this critical work to expand Brady background checks and keep crime guns off our streets. Your support helps us make her vision a reality—and we need it now more than ever.
Is anyone really surprised?

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Braden Lynch said...

Dancing in the blood of innocents or capitalizing on tragedy is their modus operandi. They would not know tact if it bit them on the hind end and held on.

Robert Fowler said...

I'm surprised they waited as long as they did. They are worse than vultures.

lee n. field said...

May the legacy of everything she tried to do fade and be forgotten, sooner than usual.