Sunday, March 29, 2015

Heads Will Explode Across Chicago

Apparently the Editor at the Chicago Tribune took a day off:

How to shoot a gun if you're a kid

GAT Guns in East Dundee started offering these classes about a year ago because parents wanted to bring their kids in to shoot, manager Randy Potter said.
Another store — On Target Range and Tactical Training Center in Crystal Lake — offers a class to children ages 7 to 11 on firing .22-caliber rifles. At GAT, the children are trained on pistols.
The handwringing doesn't come until the end of the article.  I can hear the aneurisms popping in the offices of the Joyce Foundation from here.  Various anti-gun groups have equated events like this, no matter how controlled or safe, to child abuse.  My youngest just turned 7.  When the weather clears a bit more, I'll be taking him out for his first active range time.  He can't wait.

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drjim said...

My Dad taught me when I was 10. Prior to that I had a Crossman V350 BB gun. He waited until I was 10 to teach me on his battered old 1911 because he wanted my hands to be large enough to reach all the controls.

Chase said...

They did still quote some random cardiologist who's in one of those anti-gun medical associations.