Saturday, April 4, 2015

More of Ladd Everitt's .@CSGV Double Standards

Somebody made an 'app' that allegedly is being used to post names and addresses of 'gun control activists' according to the Soros funded "ThinkProgress"*. Ladd responds:
“Harassment is par for the course,” said Everitt, who is the communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in Washington, D.C.
He would know as he personally posted the real life names, states, and at least one alleged workplace of pro-rights advocates on Twitter and other Social Media in order to intimidate/harass us.

Remember that Ladd?  Openly supported by numerous of your cohorts.

Or the time you supported the filing of child endangerment reports against another firearm owner after libeling him?

Remember that Ladd

He probably does but since all of those at the CSGV (and most anti-gun fanatics) have proven to be pathalogical liars, they'll never admit it.

*Then there's all the 'It's the NRA's fault" and "If they come to my door I will shoot them" posts. Ironic, eh?

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