Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fiction Of Gun Control

Umbrella puppet group SUPGV defines it clearly:

So their model is a violent vigilante comic book character and they still aren't right as there have been numerous times bats has used guns.

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Anonymous said...

Really? Well when I have a cave with a super crime computer, a George Barris designed crime fighting car that has a rocket engine exhaust and guys like the Penguin or the Joker plotting against me, I'll think about disarming for a second or two.

Anonymous said...

He did in the really early editions

Anonymous said...

1. All of batman's enemies get captured and sent to prison without evidence. Then they escape and kill more innocent people. The price of Batman's smug anti-gun stance is the blood of innocent citizens who depended on him for protection.

2. Superman doesn't use guns either. When you can shoot laser beams out of your eyes, why bother?

Archer said...

Batman may not use a gun.

He does, however, wear body armor at all times. It's integrated into his suit.

The same people who are anti-gun are also anti-body-armor-for-civilians.

They just want all of us defenseless. Against everything.

kahr40 said...

And if I were wealthy enough to have spend my entire life training to be a living weapon maybe I wouldn't either but I'm not and I do.

The modern Batman, say post Seduction of the Innocent, has been anti-gun. the original Bats, not so much.

Braden Lynch said...

Reality Check: He is a fictional character designed to appeal to a younger audience (although adults can also love the dark hero), so real world violence is not in the mix. Come on SUPGV, it's a comic!

Just think, they want us to take them seriously? If you have to appeal to a comic book character I would say you lack credibility.