Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gun Owners = Social Lepers

I've been criticized before for referring to anti-gun advocates as 'gun bigots' because they stereotype and dehumanize firearm owners (iow gun-n!ggers).  Yet it keeps going on...

As shown by Mig., an enabling mother of an underage girl w/ an apparent drinking problem projects her own failings as a parent onto all 18-21 yr olds because they're all irresponsible alcoholics who can't be trusted. 

Then there's the CSGV who recommends that you don't even date a firearm owner because they 'might' snap and shoot you. 

Followed up w/ some links to junk science 'reports' on how dangerous gun owners are and that guns should be taken away based off of 'risk' or 'suspicion', you know, 'pre-cime'. 
The study, coauthored by us, Ronald Kessler of Harvard, and others, estimates that over 10 percent of the adult population in the U.S. exhibits impulsive angry behavior and has firearms at home.
A smaller proportion (1.6 percent) are angry and carry guns outside the home. They are mostly young to middle-aged men who get so angry that they smash and break things, lose their temper and get into physical fights. And they have guns.
and the usual Joyce funded obfuscations and word play: (no comments allowed of course)
What we know is where there are more guns, more women die,” Azrael explained. “That’s just incontrovertibly true.”
So they're basically saying the don't trust people in general and that law-abiding, legal gun owners are going to go around drinking and beating their wives/girlfriends because of those implanted microchips again.  Much more progression as we've seen how violent anti-gun advocates are when their inhibitions are removed.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Statistically, women are more likely to die around black men. Let's see them carry that banner!