Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chicago Hypothetical

So the British paper 'Guardian' published a piece stating that a place called 'Homan Square' is used for 'CIA like' incarceration, detention, and interrogation.  The CPD of course denies it all

Not that there'ld be any precedent of course, but let's use our imagination and pretend each and every one of the allegations is true about the place. 

There yet?  Good.

Now, who's been in charge of Chicago (and its police force) since time immemorial?

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Anonymous said...

A secret place where people disappear? You mean to tell me that the Chicago police are doing that? That is shocking. I am just shocked.

Mittrucks said...

In a free country the people would storm Holman square, free those incarcerated there and harm the jailers. No protest on site by the black leaders? The freedom leaders?