Saturday, July 5, 2014


That's how many IL/Cook Cnty/Chicago tax dollars are going to be going into the hands of the lawyers to pay for the latest round of anti-gun politicians trying to keep lawful citizens disarmed. Never mind all the tax payer paid lawyers spending thousands of man hours on this instead of actually prosecuting crimes. Of course this won't be the end of it as they will spend hundreds of thousands more to try and litigate it down a few thousand dollars. Not to mention Quinn's $55m 'anti-crime' debacle that lined the pockets of many a Chicago political donor.

These are the same people that tell us we need our taxes and fees raise otherwise the schools will be shut down and the police will be laid off. 

THIS is the reason I will never support ANY tax or fee increase.  No matter how much more is taken from my wallet, the politicians will find a way to divert or waste it leading to calls for more tax/fee increase demands.  And for those who keep voting these politicians in, remember this when that next round of school funding cuts comes around. 

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