Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies

Start w/ this description:
According to the Sheriff's Office, a search warrant served on Knapp's Mercedes and storage unit turned up a pound of meth, half a pound of heroin, 15 firearms and approximately $40,000 in cash.
Alright.  Police get a goblin off the street. Good job, right?  Now let's look at what the sheriff's office found.
Of those firearms, 12 were military assault rifles (five of which were confirmed stolen), two were stolen handguns and one was a fully functional 20 mm anti-tank/sniper rifle, according to the Sheriff's Office.
Some scary stuff, right? Look at the pic.
Sheriff: Arrested drug dealer had anti-tank rifle

Um, 12 military assault rifles?  Really?  Where.  I see maybe 2 MSR's, a few tricked out shotguns and a bunch of Mosin's along w/ other bolt action rifles.  That anti-tank rifle is a WWII relic if my knowledge is correct.  Can you even get ammo for it? 

So the PSH completely ruins the points for the actual police work they did especially since some MDA puppet goes on a nonsense rant about carrying an anti-tank gun in Target. 

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Miguel said...

Looks like a Lathi 20mm. No ammo to speak of available. Plus that is a DD subject to Federal registration if I am not wrong unless it is dewatted.

Angus McThag said...

A functioning Lahti would need to be registered as a DD, yup.

That one looks like parts is missing.

Four Mosin-Nagants. Almost 25% are C&R eligible!

Matthew said...

You can get (for expensive values of "get") 20mm components and loaded (inert warhead/bullet) ammo as I recall.

Any kind of exploding warhead would be a DD itself though.

Archer said...

MDA goes on PSH rant about carrying an anti-tank gun into Target?

Don't those things weigh upwards of 100 pounds, unloaded? It's not exactly a practical (or even feasible) open-carry firearm.

Not that I expect any MDA-type to understand these simple truths.