Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love Is In The Air

You know a GM (Gamemaster) is truly evil when they go after your loved ones.  If there aren't any handy, they'll make one.  In my current Palladium Fantasy 1ed campaign, I've been running the same character on and off for near 30 yrs, an Elf LongBowman.  Since the GM, the same guy who paints my minis for me, couldn't take out the character directly, he's decided to go at it sideways.  He introduced a 'partner'.  A female Elf Sailor that goes by 'Alta'.  So since she's become a major NPC in the campaign, a mini was required:

The pair together:

Now the other major NPC is an Orc servant by the name of 'Mug'.  We've been unable to find a good mini for this as ALL the 'Orc' minis we've been able to find are warriors or fighting in some way.  No 'passive' mini's.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

Actually Warmachine has some nice miniatures, but you have to look for ones without the Steampunk motif....

This guy is a "gobber"

But is not armed/angry/attacking....

Thomas said...

Here you go, if he is supposed to be a supporting character (kinda like Nodwick)