Thursday, December 25, 2014

Flammenkatz & Other Holiday Treats

So amidst the usual holiday staples of sausages, cheese, and new moccasins, there were a couple of surprises.  The most lively was when my sister by another mother came by w/ her husband.  She asked if the cat on the table was the C-in-C's Xmas gift.  I said no, it was just my mom's old cat and then went in to take him off the table.  At that exact moment his tail swished over a candle and, just like in a sitcom, flames started rolling off it.  I grabbed his tail and blew it out before it did more than singe his fur so the only thing he knew was that I was befouling his precious. The look I got from him.  The room filled w/ foul smelling smoke.  Reminded us all of the old days of family get togethers when 90% of the adults were chimneys. Kitty is fine BTW.

Also got to meet my niece's SO.  He's a history major w/ philosophy minor.  Can we say "Would you like fries with that?" boys and girls?  He's also a gamer so not a total loss. Her gift from me was a collection of 'geeky' stickers for her laptop.

Two notable gifts.  From my mom I got a set of giant wooden six-sided 'lawn dice' which she had found and decided I had to have. 

and my sister,  ah yes my sister, the one who brought me to my first 'Con when I was 17 and really got me started on this whole ride.  She got me a conversational audio CD. Not Klingon.  Not Elvish.  Dothraki.  Yes.  Dothraki from 'Game of Thrones'.

Between German, Russian, and now this, I should have lots of ways to insult and threaten, I mean educate yeah educate, my students.

Tonight and tomorrow are recovery from long drives, sugar loaded kids, and smoke filled rooms.  Gun show this weekend.

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1 comment:

Dan said...

A history major and philosophy he's legally qualified to wonder what happened.

Like my brother....communications major and philosophy minor.....only qualified to wonder out loud. He's almost 60 and still DJ'ing for weddings and parties.

Me.....I got a STEM degree, make six figures and have a 7 figure net worth.